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The Journey of life begins with a dream. Dream to achieve your goals in life, dream to buy your first home, dream for a secured future for yourself and your family, dream to achieve financial freedom…!

At Finance Matters, we encourage you to start Dreaming about what you would like to Achieve in your life and we can put a Plan in place to make sure you certainly do. We want you to start the “Dreaming” process and let us know so that we can start the “Planning”  process and the “Achievement” of your dreams can come to life. This is how we came up with our tagline:


A true reflection of what we do for our clients!

Manoj Singhal

M.Com., PGDBA (Finance), AFA

I started working as a part-time accountant in 1997 and joined “Banking & Finance” industry in the year 2001. I have vast lending knowledge, expertise and out of square thinking to help my clients. Whether you are a first home buyer, a residential property investor, looking to refinance your mortgage or a commercial property investor; I can help you to secure a better deal and take informed decision to achieve your financial goals. I can also help you to have relevant and affordable personal risk insurance products to suit your needs and budget.

I am an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) and hold relevant experience, knowledge and qualifications to help my clients. Contact me for a no-obligation consultation today.

Vins Grover


Practically walking myself through the journey with a big mortgage to a zero mortgage in less than 8 years is the motivation I can give you. If I can do this, I can surely walk with you through this. It just needs a bit of trust in yourself and believe in me in making this happen.  A few years ago I was sitting in your position and today I am on the other side of the table because I believe I can teach you the same strategies towards financial freedom.

I have practical experience in mortgage and property investments since 2007 and became Registered Financial Adviser (RFA) in 2015.

My qualifications are: 

B.Sc – Major in Physics & Maths.

Certifications in Computer Science.


Why me? Because, Vins – wins for you. Call me today!

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