Don’t Wait – Get Your New Year’s Financial Health Check-up

Most of us have heard that we should check our finances at least once a year – and this is great practice, but there are some other times that we should check out our money: 1) when we face major changes in our lives, and 2) at the start of a new year. Why? Because with Christmas, New Year’s and other holidays around this time, it’s often a period when we spend a lot more money and start to re-evaluate our priorities going forward.

Think of this as another New Year’s resolution; by taking another look at your finances, you can ensure you are in the best financial health possible for the rest of the year. And the best way to do this is with a qualified financial adviser at your side – someone who can take an objective look at your current resources and help you meet your goals.

Here are just some of the points we’ll look at so you can make the most of 2020.

Personal and Family Budget

This one is particular relevant after the holiday season! Now that the holidays have passed, it’s important to consider how you spend money and whether you have enough cash flow to justify your regular expenses. Are you able to save money regularly, or are you just skating by? Sometimes it can seem like there’s no easy way to start saving, but there are often many ‘hidden’ areas where you can adjust your budget to put away more each week – or just to give you more flexibility in where you spend.

Current Debts

Debts are a pain, but sometimes an unavoidable one. However, that doesn’t mean we need to let it take control of our lives. Debt can come in many shapes and sizes: from student loans and personal loans, to a mortgage for your dream home and investment properties.

Even though going into debt can help us achieve certain goals, having more of it will increase our monthly interest and become more difficult to pay off. We can work with you to prioritise payments on high-interest debts and close them out sooner rather than later.

Short and Long-term Savings Goals

Now that we’ve taken a look at our budget and debts, let’s tackle those savings. There are different types of savings, including rainy day funds, discretionary spending (for holidays, big purchases) and retirement.

It can be a bit overwhelming when you take a look at all the different ways to save, but we’re here to help! We can check your current savings strategy to see if it’s working for you, discuss how much you should be putting away to reach certain goals and anything in between. We’d also like to collaborate on setting those goals: they need to be measurable, clear and with strict steps to accomplish them.

…and Much More!

As qualified financial advisers, we can talk to you about your mortgages and insurances you would like to discuss. Let’s give your financial situation a healthy check-up for 2020, and empower you to achieve your dreams as soon as possible.

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