Good Signs for First Home Buyers

At last, a few good things happening for the First Home Buyers.

From the beginning of this year, RBNZ relaxed the rule for the banks to lend up to 15% of their total lending to the owner-occupiers having less than 20% deposit. This means, going forward First Home Buyers will have more chances of getting their loan approved with less than 20% deposit if they meet bank’s lending criteria.

The property market is becoming more of buyer’s market these days in the sense that we can see not many properties selling during auctions and are available by negotiation. This is another good sign for you as a First Home Buyer because you can now negotiate property price and terms of purchase.

We can see house prices softening in mid-value property range which further gives more opportunities to secure the property.

Auckland First Home Buyers have been saving deposit and KiwiSaver for a long time to buy their dream home. Any reduction in the house price and increased chances to get loan approval puts them in a stronger position.

We at Finance Matters can approach multiple banks to find you a better deal and save money for you.  Not only that, we will help you to make your home loan process as smooth as possible