Medical or Health Cover

What is Medical or Health Cover?

New Zealand’s public health system is pretty good but sometimes due to the limitation in resources you may not be able to get the cover or treatment you need immediately. There might be a wait for months or years depending on the severity of the illness and/or availability of the surgeon or doctor. In some cases, you may not even get this cover.
Medical or Health Cover will bypass you through this process and the cover will pay for your medical expenses for you or anyone in your family who is covered with this insurance.
It will cover you for Surgical Treatments, Non-Surgical Treatments, Life Threating Illness Treatment, Major Diagnostic Costs and Before and After Hospitalization Costs.

Why do you need Medical or Health Cover?

This cover provides a certainty and protection than New Zealand’s public health system can. Avoiding the wait of going through the public health system when only you know how much you are suffering from the illness is the biggest reason for having this cover.