Mortgage Solutions

The whole process starts with a dream about a getting a mortgage and does not stop until the mortgage is paid off in full. We at Finance Matters not only help you to secure a mortgage but also provide you services to match your future needs towards your mortgage be it refixing, restructuring, refinancing, getting more mortgage or developing strategies to help you pay-off your mortgage faster. We have developed a lot of tools and systems to help you to achieve your goals and committed to doing what is best for you according to changing needs and circumstances. We can also help you to secure a business or a commercial loan and can provide budgeting advice to keep you on top of your finances.

We have access to over 15 lenders to make mortgage product solutions available for every different situation of our clients. Our services are mostly free of any charge. We charge only in rare cases where we are not paid by the lender.

Looking to buy First Dream Home?

We help our customers all the way through in home loan process and have summarised few practical things to keep in mind before you apply for your “First Home Loan”.

Looking for a better deal on your existing home loan?

Refinancing your home loan from one bank to another can be tricky. Calculating the cost of refinancing is very important and the thumb rule is that you should refinance only if it is beneficial otherwise you shouldn’t.

Ready to jump on to the property ladder?

We help our clients to achieve their dreams of owning rental property and to create their property portfolio. We have created a list of few things to keep in mind when you are ready to purchase your investment property.

Top-up Loan

Considering renovation of your property?

Construction Loan

Build your dream home the way you want it.

Debt Consolidation

High interest-bearing loans are silent killers. Try consolidating these against your home, if possible.

Mortgage Restructuring

A better mortgage structure can help you to get freedom from your mortgage sooner.

Mortgage Freedom Plan

Wish to get freedom from mortgage…sure why not?

Mortgage Refixing

Is your mortgage due for renewal? Let’s negotiate a better rate for you.

Business and Commercial Loans

Looking to buy a commercial property or a business loan, Let’s sort this out for you.