Considering renovation of your property?

Property Renovation Loan

The biggest challenge with renovating your property is to know what exactly you want to cover in your renovation project because the list never ends so it requires a lot of preparation. If you are planning for a non-structural renovation in your property e.g. changing carpet, painting, upgrading kitchen or bathroom etc. the banks can give you funds straight away based on your application and cost estimate provided by you like a top-up loan against equity available against your property.

In case you are planning to change floor area of your property e.g. extending a room, garage, removing load bearing wall etc. or making any structural renovation in your property which requires council consent, the bank probably may not give you all the funds right away and require you to provide them all the required documents like a mini-construction loan.

Contact us for any property renovation loan and we can workshop best possible options for you so that the whole process is less stressing.