Review, Refinance and Restructure your Home Loan


Key to your Financial Health Check

At Finance Matters, we believe that reviewing, refinancing and restructuring your mortgage is an opportunity to fix your loose financial habits.

No matter whether you refinance with a new bank or with your existing bank – yes, you can refinance your mortgage with your existing bank too – we believe that it is an opportunity for you to:

  • Review and Restructure your mortgage based on your financial situation, goals, and priorities
  • Find out the possibility of reducing the term of your mortgage and save on interest that you are supposed to pay to the bank otherwise
  • Find out the possibility to create or grow your investment property portfolio
  • Consolidate your high interest-bearing loans e.g. car loan, credit card, personal loan etc.
  • Use available equity for property renovation or top-up
  • And many more…….

If your mortgage is due for re-fixing soon or the rollover date is closer, it is always a good time to talk to us if there is any possibility to improve your financial position.

Team Finance Matters can hold your hand and help you all the way through in this process.

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Recently, we did a podcast on “The Secrets of Mortgage Refinancing“, sharing the same with you as below.


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The Secrets of Mortgage Refinancing